How I Would Teach a 5-year old Confusion Matrix

So what exactly is the confusion matrix? Confusion Matrix is just the standardized format for the binary classification measures. The binary classification measures involves something that generates ratings converted to rankings. …

Life Lessons
  1. It cost $0 to be a nice person.
  2. Shoot your shot.
  3. NOBODY knows what they are doing either.
  4. Everyone will have an opinion.
  5. Express gratitude daily.
  6. Don’t tell yourself a bad story.
  7. Fall in love with yourself.
  8. Be aware of who you surround yourself with.
  9. Positivity is the only option.

9 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong

Listen up — doing certain exercises wrong isn’t just useless, it can even injure you! Exercise is a skill and like any skill it requires practice and understanding of technique.

Exercises You’re Doing Wrong

Beginners and even the so-called professionals make some mistakes going about some routines in the…

Francis Babatunde

Computer graduate with networking, web development, data science, and business experience.

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