3 Years Of Working out: What I’ve learned

For years I stopped and started never fully committing to a more active lifestyle. Poor me, right?

For someone that had been very strong at a young age. I had a whole compound to myself to run around in and kick some football.

But unfortunately, the energy started declining as I come of age and started settling with a less active life. As time went on my health started to rapidly decline. Being in my late teens at the time, I was on a path to aging early and buildings weak body.

George Bernard Shaw couldn’t have said it better “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”.

That was when I knew that I had to make a radical change immediately. First, I completely changed my diet.

While I was changing my diet, I found the aura to become active again. I told my friend, Florence that I was going to start working out, she liked the idea but warned me not to get too bulky else she’d run when she sees me haha, she was probably joking.

I went ahead to download a fitness training app to guide me with some routines and that was it.

Here are 3 ways how exercise changed my life and will change yours:

1. Exercise allows you to feel confident and happy.

By getting your blood moving daily your brain produces the feel good chemical serotonin. This critical neurotransmitter is critical for you to feel confident and happy.

If you struggle with depression and seek to live a confident happy life, exercise will change your life completely.

2. Exercise is a catalyst for developing other healthy lifestyle habits.

Pairing my good eating habits with consistent workouts, my health improved rapidly.

Excess weight fell off and as time went on I continued to improve other areas of my life.

Good diet and exercise is the framework to institute positive change in your life.

3. Exercise is a way to have fun.

Adults don't have that much fun. Especially in Western society. We don't play because we are swamped with other obligations. Exercise will change that.

Having fun while exercising will help you keep consistent while transforming your body in ways you never thought possible.

So get out there. Start today. Positive change is on the way for you.

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